“Home” has gotten a whole new meaning for many of us now during this pandemic. Home has become our workplace as well as our gym and of course where we eat and sleep. It is also the place where we meet people – remotely.

Change perspectives!

Virtual Reality has the ability to force Your perspective and to move You to other places both virtually and mentally. This is unique for VR, and a very powerful tool for mutual understanding and creating empathy.

Share perspectives!

Virtual Reality can be used to share experiences with your peers, friends and family – even when you are apart. Looking at a person with a VR headset on, might seem like a very solitary and egoistic experience. However, the truth is quite the opposite. That person in the headset might be engaged in activities with large groups of people or having an intimate talk with a dear friend.

Solitary or social?

Perspektivpodden! (in Swedish)

Marcus Landström från Ambivrt, Klas Holmlund från Invicible Agency och Thomas Sjöberg från Apptus, ses i VR och spelar in Perspektivpodden – en podd om VR. Välkommen att lyssna och kommentera gärna via våra sociala kanaler!

Solitary or social?
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